Co-operative Childcare Ireland was established in 2001 to respond to the needs of members in local housing co-operatives for quality, affordable childcare. The services are now open to all children in local areas from one to twelve years of age.

Co-operative Childcare Ireland provides services at the following locations:

Co-operative Childcare Ireland services play a central role in the life of their communities and regular parties, clubs and classes form an important part of the services’ activities. Following an early pilot of the Childhood Development Initiative in the Brookview centre, support for parents and families has been a key part of the Services’ work.

The co-operative identity of the services informs every aspect of its work. Children, parents and staff are treated as equal partners in developing the service and engagement with the surrounding community is seen as a crucial role in supporting children and families to reach their full potential.

For more information on Co-operative Childcare Ireland contact:

Catherine O'Brien,
Senior Childcare and Community Services Manager,
Co-operative Childcare Island Key,
166 Island Key, Block 4,
East Road,
Dublin 3.




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