Irish Community Living Unconferences

Thursday, 13th April 2017 | 0 comments

Co-operative Housing Ireland is pleased to support Irish Community Living Unconferences - a series of 1 day events that aim to offer people interested in the areas of Community Living, Co-operative Housing and Eco Villages  an opportunity to meet, knowledge share, problem solve and create support networks. This will be achieved through participant generated discussions, communal feasting (potluck meal), and knowledge harvesting.

The goal in organising these unconferences is to bring people together. The experts, the enthusiasts and those hungry to learn about sustainable community living so that we can connect with each other and start to form the critical mass that Ireland needs to be able to create these societies.

The group want to inspire and support those on their path to creating these communities and we want to show those who don't know, what can be done when people get together and begin to enact the change that they want to see in the world.

Through the unconferences the group hopes to identify and address the obstacles to achieving community living, co-housing, cooperative housing, eco-villages and intentional communities in Ireland.

The nature of an unconference is that there is no set topics of discussion, we will set the theme and tone of the environment and help facilitate and record the sessions, however it is up to the passionate individuals attending to bring the issues they are facing forward whether it be legal, financial, governance, logistical, infrastructural or other and benefit from the collective expertise in the room to find solutions.

The group wants to learn from others and get to work on creating a sustainable culture. The areas in which this can be done are as varied as each individual. Through agriculture, design, community engagement, socialising, having fun, working hard, social entrepreneurship... we can achieve a better, happier and healthier future.

The Irish Community Living Unconferences are happening in Cork - 27th May, Galway - 3rd June and Dublin - 10th June.

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