"Getting this house has been life changing for me. It has made things a lot easier, having that sense of security."

July 11, 2022

“I moved into my home about one month ago. I’ve been living in the village since 2016. I work in the nursing home in the village, though I haven’t been working in a few months as I’ve been out sick. My work can be challenging, especially through Covid. The new house is a two-minute walk for me when I return to work. It’s also conveniently situated near the bus route to Wexford town. There are buses hourly, which is great for people in the estate who don’t drive.

I got this house the week before my birthday. I had just come out of hospital after being in there for a month. I came home to the letter telling me, and I broke down crying, I was so happy; I couldn’t believe it. Getting this house has been life changing for me. It has made things a lot easier, having that sense of security, that there’s people around looking out for me. I was really isolated before but here there are people around that are my age. I hadn’t been mixing with anyone because there was no one my age in my previous apartment block. Whereas now some of the girls here have come over and it was great just to be able to have the chats with them, I didn’t have any of that before. I spent a lot of my life in hospital, so I wasn’t being a thirty-year-old.

Before I was living in rented accommodation in the village in a one-bed apartment. There was storage heating, and it was so expensive. It wasn’t that warm, and it never felt like my own home. I’m delighted to have a back garden in my new home, I feel so excited to get my clothesline up!

The houses are absolutely fantastic; the quality is great. They’re finished so well. Everything is so modern. The heating system is great with the air-to-water heat pump. When people come in they comment on how warm it is, and it stays warm here too. It’s really cosy and quiet. I actually feel like it’s my home now and I’m proud to have people come and see me.

It's even great I can put pictures up on the wall. The last place was painted a horrible colour and there were always problems. Now, I can have all my own things.

Now that my rent is done through my earnings, I’m no longer stressing about having to pay so much rent and having nothing to show for it. When I was in rented accommodation, I was just paying for somewhere I hated to be, I was never there half the time.

It takes a while to get your tiling and white goods in. Everyone in the group chat was passing on information about where they got their carpets, and what not. People are really helping each other out. You don’t feel as on your own. If you have a problem or need something, you just put it in the group chat.

Everyone’s just kind of starting to get settled now but there is such a good spirit here. The community spirit is there, everyone is looking out for each other.

And even there’s an elderly neighbour across from me and I don’t mind going over and helping her with her heating and stuff. When I go over, she always invites me in saying “Oh, it’s great to see you”. She likes having that security of knowing that I’m just across the road from her and if she needs anything she can just ask.

I like being involved in my community. I’m involved with Tidy Towns in the village, so I often take part in activities with them in my free time. We take care of flowerpots and do litter collections too. Before Covid, we had lights and Santy’s grotto in the village at Christmas time. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to do a lot because of Covid. We’ve just started back our meetings recently and we have been replanting local flowerpots. It’s nice to be getting back to that sense of normality.

I’m looking forward to being able to put my own stamp on my new home and the sense of security it brings. I was ten years waiting for a house. I have a lot of issues with my mental health and was always worried that I wouldn’t have my own home and I spent a lot of time moving around. I hated where I was.”

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