Staff in the Spotlight: An interview with Stephen Doyle

August 3, 2022

Area of Work

My role is as a maintenance technician. My day-to-day responsibilities range from minor jobs like fixing taps, to bigger jobs such as fixing leaks and repairing heating systems in CHI homes. This work is done to ensure Members’ comfort and to help maintain housing stock. I started in CHI seven and a half years ago. Before that, I had been working for a plumbing company.

Throughout my role, I have had the opportunity to learn more about the latest technologies in plumbing and heating services, such as air-to-water heat pumps. This has been especially true in the last few years as there has been quite an increase in the technologies available, some of which we are using in CHI homes.

Favourite part of the job

The thing I love about my job is that every day is different, every day brings a new challenge. I get to meet people from all different backgrounds. It is great to get to know the Members as well and build up relationships with them. It makes doing the work easier and it is easier for them to let workers into their house if they know you personally and feel comfortable.


Due to the nature of the role, I mainly work on my own, but there is always a supportive team readily available. We talk to each other about once or twice a week over the phone, usually to get information related to repair works and Member contact details. In addition to this, we share knowledge about various estates and work that is underway or may need to be done.


The start of winter when heating systems are being turned on is a very busy period. This continues through winter and early spring when Members have the heating on constantly. There can be a lot of issues and breakdowns. As a maintenance team, we need to be organised and fast so that people are not left without heat and hot water.

A long-term goal for me is to constantly upskill in the latest plumbing technology that is emerging, which I am lucky to get the opportunity to do. Having trained personnel on systems and technologies that are being released is benefit for CHI, CHI housing stock and Members alike.

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