"I had a family meeting, they thought the move was a great idea, a brand-new house and a blank canvas."

October 25, 2022

We were in our former home for 14 years. The landlady was an elderly lady, so there was a chance she could sell the house. So, there was the concern that at some point there wouldn’t be a home for us, and that we possibly wouldn’t be a priority on the housing list once my eldest turned 18 and went to college.

My son Andreas is going to college too in September, please God. Once the two boys were gone, it would have been just me and Brona, my youngest. I asked my housing officer in the council when I was offered this home: ‘If I were your sister, what advice would you give me?’ she said ‘Grab it with both hands’.  I spoke to my family about it, I got the letter saying I was accepted. I was excited as it was somewhere new, and the air to water heat pump would mean no more logs, no more coal. I had a family meeting, they thought it was a great idea, a brand-new house and a blank canvas. No one sat me down and said, ‘Caroline this is how much it’ll cost you to move in’. I walked around the home with a housing officer and I was very emotional. I had a heavy heart; we had been very happy where we were and to uproot the kids was difficult. The costs added up quickly for the move, it overwhelmed me.

I love our new place. There are loads of kids on the estate. Brona is 14 and she is like the Pied Piper, the kids follow her around! There are a few people her age too, there’s a girl across the road she went to primary school with. Her best friend’s dad lives around the corner in the first estate when you come in. So, the two girls have each other and can walk into town together. We’re here now, it has taken me time to do things, I’m doing them project by project. I’m getting a shed built. I used to love gardening; I had a rockery in the old house. My pots came with me, and I’ll be planting them next year, I couldn’t do it this year with everything else!

I’m so lucky my brother helped me with lots in the house, the flooring for example. The cost did startle me, but I must look at this as my forever home. It’s a lovely estate, it’s very quiet.

I’m happy here. I just said to my mom the other day, I’m glad I moved and I’m glad I can eventually put my own stamp on something, that’s nice.

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