"My daughters love our new home, they’ve already been arguing over their room!"

June 3, 2022

It's myself and my two daughters. Amy is 17 and Mia is 16. We are the three amigos!

Before we were here, we were renting in a two- bed apartment in Drumcondra. It’s not your own to a certain degree, you can’t put your own stamp on it. You’re under someone’s view of what a home should look like. You feel you can’t really settle in. When you know you’re on a housing list, you’re constantly thinking of that, anticipating that move.

Niamh Siwale, new CHI Member living in St. Canice's

We were there for about 3 years, we had kind of been moving around a bit beforehand living in my family home up until 7 or 8 years ago. Then we moved out, we were renting in Finglas but the place we were in had pyrite. That was a manic situation then because, even though the landlords were lovely, they got word that they’d be getting the work done so we had to move.

So, we’ve had a few moves throughout our lives, so, it’s nice to know now we don’t have to be going anywhere. These days as much as you might feel like your landlord isn’t going anywhere or isn’t going to sell, the possibility is always in the back of your mind.

My daughters love our new home, they’ve already been arguing over their room. I was apprehensive because their friends are based over that way in Drumcondra but they’re settling in really well. There are a fair few local places in Finglas, there is a gym around the corner, a library, so they can do a bit of studying in the library or go to the gym. Their room is a lot bigger; they have a lot more space. More room for more clothes! They are chalk and cheese when it comes to their personalities and their likes. We’re having debates over decorating at the moment, they keep saying “Well, it’s our room” and I keep telling them “Well, it’s my apartment!”. All I want to do is put some storage in there, and then they can do what they want. They’re happy because they have so much more space than they had in our previous apartment.

Living in the new home is exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. The realisation hit that you’re kitting out a whole apartment. I’ve really enjoyed the decorating. We’re doing it bit by bit.

I was trying to explain it to my aunty, I feel really comfortable, you know. I felt like we’ve settled in really really well. So it’s been exciting, nerve-wracking but also quite rewarding, if that makes sense? I have a sense of pride that I’m doing this sort of stuff as I’m kitting our new home out.

I have a massive family that probably takes up half of Dublin, it’s fantastic. I was a bit further from my siblings when I was in Drumcondra, so I would be closer to a lot of them vicinity-wise now. It oddly does help; it is great to be closer to them. I’ve been going for walks with my sister each evening.

Having our own home means I can pursue other things as well. I would like to re-enter education and achieve a 3rd level degree. I am currently exploring some options. However, it’ll have to fit it in around my girls and working.

I suppose once I have the apartment finished, one of the main things I will look forward to once Covid-19 restrictions are fully lifted is having some of my family over for dinner. The other apartment was much smaller, so I wasn’t able to do those kinds of things. I’m looking forward to meeting some of my neighbours. We’ve had a few chats so far.

I just want us to be content and happy I guess; you can’t really ask for much more. That’s all I really want just to be settled. This is just a major thing for me that I have waited for; I just want to relish it and enjoy it.

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