“We are looking forward to being settled and happy.”

April 6, 2023

I live with my five children and my husband. I’m from Ballygar originally, which is a small village near Roscommon, about twenty minutes from here. I moved to Ballinasloe around eleven years ago when I got married. My husband is from Ballinasloe.

Before we were living in a private rental for 10 years. We left because the landlord was selling. We had been on the social housing list for a while and were put forward for this home. We were excited to move, but we didn’t know which area we’d end up in. We found out before Christmas where we’d be and were delighted. It’s nice and quiet here. My next door neighbours have kids in school with mine. So, we’d be familiar with each other. They’re Polish and we’re members of the travelling community; we mix well. We had our first night in our new home last night.

The kids are settled in school nearby. The four-year-old is starting in September and we have the baby at home.

We are looking forward to being settled and happy. Our last house was a bungalow. We’re getting used to the stairs now with the kids. We need to put in a stair gate. The kids had never lived in a two storey before. They are looking forward to choosing the wallpaper and flooring for their rooms. The old room was a three bed, but this one is a four, so the boys have a room each.

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