“We’re really happy now. We’re looking forward to Halloween and all the activities for the kids.” Valerie, Cooline Heights, Cobh

Valerie and her family recently moved into their forever home in Cooline Heights, Cobh, County Cork. Cooline Heights is an estate of 32 two-bed, three-bed and four-bed homes. CHI has provided over 650 homes in Cork county and city in partnership with Cork County Council, Cork City Council, the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage, the Housing Agency, and the Housing Finance Agency, 127 of which have been provided since the beginning of 2022.

“My dad’s family are from Dublin, so we moved down when I was younger. I look after my nan, she’s 101 and lives up the road. She’s bed bound but her mind is sharp. It’s tough for her sometimes. My mam lives with her, my uncle is close by too. Sometimes I step in to help when my mam goes to work. The lady who looks after her is having health issues.

I have lots of family here, but my partner doesn’t, they’re all down in Kerry. We are finding the place great. We were in our last home for 17 years. It was a very cold house. I rented privately for the first five, and then got rent allowance after that. Then the landlady put it on the market last year.

It was a very cold home but it’s roasting in our new home! The front rooms are sun traps. There’s a beautiful view from the back of the house too.

My family is settling in well. My kids are close by their schools, about ten minutes away. For my seven-year-old, there was no one to play with down near the other house. Here there are loads of kids, I’ll be shoving him out to go and play all summer. I’ve met a few neighbours. I have another friend in one of the homes around the corner. I recognise a lot of familiar faces around the estate. We’re really happy now. We’re looking forward to Halloween and all the activities for the kids. It’s great to be close by my nan too in case of a fall.”

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