"I’m on the Member Association. We would love to do things for the kids." visiting members in Gortonora, Dingle

September 22, 2023

Earlier in the month, we had the pleasure of calling into members living in Gortonora, Dingle, Kerry. The development comprises nine family homes and was taken into CHI management in 2020.


"I moved about ten times in the last fifteen years since I’ve been in Dingle. We moved nearly every year. When we got the house here, we felt very relieved. When you’re renting, you can’t buy your own furniture. We are happy. The house is really nice and cosy."


"My family are very lucky, we were on the waiting list eight years, we’ve got this place after five. In our last two homes we were renting and receiving HAP. We were lucky, we never had to move, we only ever moved home of our own accord. I’m from close by in Castlegregory. When you see the quality of the homes here, it’s amazing.

I’m on the Member Association. We would love to do things for the kids. I have three girls, they’re nine, six and nearly four.  We’d love to do something to the outside area and make it homely. We really want to do a Santa visit. We have to be up and running for a few months to get our 12 euro per household. We’ve got our bank account set up and our chair, treasurer, secretary roles in place too. So, that’s where we’re at. Setting up the account was hard! We got there in the end!"


"Dingle’s as busy as it ever was which is lovely.

This place is like a dream, we moved in during covid. There’s a tennis court on the estate, we were going up to play tennis.

The houses are fabulous. Before we were in a two-bed with the council. It was a lovely house; we didn’t really want to move but it was too small with three kids. We had a kitchen come sitting room but we had the buggy, the playmat, the clothes horse, the table and chairs all in one space. My daughter has her own room now just when she needs it. It’s great to have this place and still be Dingle town."