Annual Servicing Programmes

February 15, 2023

From January 2023, the Asset Management Team will arrange the annual servicing of all heating and ventilation systems. This will ensure appliances are operating to their maximum efficiency which helps reduce their running cost and reduces the risk of exposure to CO2 emissions.

You will be notified by CHI and the contractor in advance if access to your home is required. It is important you allow the contractors access to carry out the servicing to ensure that items like boilers and heat pumps are maintained and safe. The serving of these items is obligatory by law and not permitting CHI, or our contractors, access to your home may be considered a breach of tenancy.

Planned Annual Servicing Requirements in 2023 include:

-Heating system servicing: Boilers and

-Heat Pumps

-Chimney cleaning

-Stock condition surveys

-Electrical testing

-Follow on inspections from local authority reports

-Post works quality checks

Further information on the cyclical servicing program can be found in the Members’ area of our website under the Servicing Information button, also located