Co-operative Housing Ireland launches ‘No Place like Home’

May 25, 2022

“Home has become more important than ever during this pandemic”

Co-operative Housing Ireland has today launched its ‘No Place like Home’ campaign. The campaign explores the importance of home during Covid-19. It focuses on the lived experiences of CHI Members during the pandemic and what having a secure home means to them in such uncertain times. The launch coincides with the publication of CHI’s 2019 Annual Report.

“Home has become more important than ever during this pandemic. It’s where we live, but also where we work and where we seek refuge from the virus,” says CHI Chairperson, Pearse O’Shiel, speaking about the launch of ‘No Place like Home’.

“Covid-19 has highlighted the necessity for a safe, secure and affordable home which Co-operative Housing Ireland offers. We want everyone to have this security.

“Tuesday’s Budget 2021 announcement had a number of key elements that will help to progress this: firstly a commitment to 12,750 new social homes and increased capital funding, secondly, €65m for retrofitting public and social homes, and thirdly, for the first time ever, a budget category specifically for affordable housing of €110m. We’re awaiting details, but this could be the good news story for people excluded from social housing who cannot afford to buy or access the private rented sector,” says O’Shiel.

CHI Members share their experiences of life at home during Covid-19

Seán Murphy, pictured outside his home in Castlebridge, Co. Wexford as part of CHI’s ‘No Place like Home’ campaign.

As part of ‘No Place like Home’, CHI Members are sharing their experiences of life at home during the pandemic. One such Member is Seán Murphy, who turned 80 this year during lockdown.

“You’d miss running into people you know for a chat in the supermarket, but overall I’m doing well. I’m very positive about life, I have a fine and snug home no matter what happens – I’m extremely lucky,” Seán says speaking about life during restrictions.

Seán moved into his home with CHI in 2018, after living in an apartment for several years. Moving into his new home has had a positive impact on Seán. A lover of gardening, living in a bungalow with a garden has given him access to his passion for nature and growing once more.
“It’s great because I have some outdoor space to garden in. I wasn’t able to garden in my apartment,” he says.

Furthering our mission

2019 was a landmark year for CHI, with the organisation delivering 371 new homes throughout the country, 50% more than the previous year, furthering its mission to become a vibrant national organisation with a footprint across the country.

Co-operative Housing Ireland also achieved significant progress in terms of diversification of funding last year, having secured finance from a domestic pillar bank [Bank of Ireland] to the value of €17.083m which contributed significantly to funding the largest single development delivery of any Approved Housing Body in 2019.

Speaking about the 2019 Annual report and beyond, CEO Kieron Brennan says, “We’re delighted to say we are on track for similar growth in 2020, despite the pandemic.”