Halliday Mills Celebrates Easter 

April 21, 2023

The posters had been up for weeks, something exciting was happening on the afternoon of April 5th - an Easter event organised by the Halliday Mills Member Association, with help from CHI staff. The communal areas were decorated with bunting and Easter messages.

The rain threatened but the worst of it held off. The event started with children and adults being encouraged to draw Easter pictures on the low wall in the courtyard with giant chalk.

Then to kick things off properly, an Easter egg hunt was held in the courtyard! Did they find the eggs?

It started to drizzle, so the fun moved indoors, with games including ‘pin the tail on the rabbit’. The rabbit was beautifully hand-sewn by Inga onto a felt backdrop together with hand-sewn eggs. Members also played a ball game Geraldine designed, throwing balls into differently sized holes in a decorated box. Some young people were impressively accurate at this, even better than the adults!

Author Lorna Melay arrived, and the cushions and blankets came out. The children listened attentively as Lorna read from her book ‘The Magic Words’ and she generously had a copy for each child as a keepsake. If you read the book, which is about the power of gratitude and saying thanks to attract good things, you will see why Lorna also handed out small crystals.

Glenda, Andy and Tony helped with decorating. The CHI Member Engagement Team were there on the day for support. There were refreshments and homemade cakes made by Leann and everyone went away filled with chocolate and happiness. With thanks to everyone who helped or attended. The Halliday Mill Members Association