How you contact CHI is changing

August 26, 2022

From September, the way CHI handles incoming telephone calls will change. Phone calls to CHI offices will be diverted to our centralised Members’ Contact Hub. This centralised number will mean CHI can resolve your queries and repair requests more efficiently.

When you call the Members’ Contact Hub you will have three options to choose from:

1. Housing Services e.g. you wish to speak to your housing officer

2. Repair Requests

3. Co-operative Housing Ireland, Warrington Place corporate office

Please ensure you pick the correct option for you query.

All local CHI offices will remain open as usual.

The Members’ Contact Hub can transfer your call to these offices should you need to speak to someone there.

You can now log housing issues and repair requests via the Members Area on our website or using Webchat via the website:

You can contact the Members' Contact Hub directly by calling 01-6403074