Road safety in Graigue na hAbhainn by Aaron Kelly

February 15, 2023

The Member Association in Graigue na hAbhainn, Graiguecullen, Carlow organised a successful Road Safety Awareness Day for the children in the estate. As the estate was relatively new at the time, there was a concern amongst residents with regards to children playing on roads and cars speeding with a clear lack of speed bumps and signage in place. While waiting for signage to be erected by the local Council, the forward thinking Association organised a Road Safety Awareness Day in conjunction with Carlow Garda Station to make children more aware when out playing. There was great attendance, with kids living in the estate turning up in droves to meet with the local Gardaí. These youngsters were put through their paces whilst having lots of fun. Garda Bernard Graham of the Traffic Corp brought along his speed gun to test the running skills of the kids and ensure that they were all ‘keeping within the recommended limits’. The main road safety talk covered everything ranging from the importance of seatbelts, the danger of mammies, daddies and guardians using mobile phones when driving and how to be more aware when crossing the road.

Following the talk, the Gardaí brought the kids over to the pedestrian crossings in the estate to demonstrate when to cross, when not to cross, what to do if a football accidentally goes on to the road and much more.

The day finished off nicely with treat bags given to all children and the Gardaí making a dramatic exit with sirens blaring. The kids had a great time and enjoyed every minute while learning valuable points from the Gardaí. The Graigue na hAbhainn Association would like to thank Garda Essmay Murphy for her efforts in ensuring that the event went smoothly. It is evident in the estate now that the children learnt a lesson from the Road Safety Awareness Talk and the estate now has new road safety signs erected, making it a much safer environment for youngsters to play.